The Cure: Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities

The Cure: Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities
Title: Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities
Label: Universal UK

Out of print in the U.S.! UK pressing of this remarkable four CD box set from the British Post-Punk band led by Robert Smith. Join the Dots serves as a sort of alternate history for The Cure. Painstakingly compiled by Cure frontman (and the group's only constant member) Robert Smith,... Dots provides dozens of glimpses into the literal flip-side of their singles by collecting many long-lost tracks, including the classic songs previously featured only on the cassette version of Staring at the Sea: The Singles. Spanning the band's entire career up to 2004, Join the Dots features everything that made the band so special including hits, album tracks, rarities and previously unreleased gems. So good, it will make you cry. 70 tracks. Polydor.

1.1 10:15 Saturday Night
1.2 Plastic Passion
1.3 Pillbox Tales
1.4 Do the Hansa
1.5 I'm Cold
1.6 Another Journey By Train
1.7 Descent
1.8 Splintered in Her Head
1.9 Lament (Flexipop Version)
1.10 Just One Kiss
1.11 Dream
1.12 Upstairs Room
1.13 Lament
1.14 Speak My Language
1.15 Mr Pink Eyes
1.16 Happy the Man
1.17 Throw Your Foot
1.18 New Day
1.19 Exploding Boy
1.20 Few Hours After This
1.21 Man Inside My Mouth
1.22 Stop Dead
2.1 Japanese Dream
2.2 Breathe
2.3 Chain of Flowers
2.4 Snow in Summer
2.5 Sugar Girl
2.6 Icing Sugar (Weird Remix)
2.7 Hey You!!! [Kevorkian 12" Remix]
2.8 How Beautiful You Are [Clearmountain 7" Remix]
2.9 To the Sky
2.10 Babble
2.11 Out of Mind
2.12 2 Late
2.13 Fear of Ghosts
2.14 Hello I Love You [Psychedelic Version]
2.15 Hello I Love You
2.16 Hello I Love You [10Sec Version]
2.17 Harold and Joe
2.18 Just Like Heaven ['Chuck' Remix]
3.1 This Twilight Garden
3.2 Play
3.3 Halo
3.4 Scared As You
3.5 Big Hand
3.6 Foolish Arrangement
3.7 Doing the Unstuck [Saunders 12" Remix]
3.8 Purple Haze [Virgin Radio Version]
3.9 Purple Haze
3.10 Burn
3.11 Young Americans
3.12 Dredd Song
3.13 It Used to Be Me
3.14 Ocean
3.15 Adonais
4.1 Home
4.2 Waiting
4.3 Pink Dream
4.4 This Is a Lie [Palmer Remix]
4.5 Wrong Number [Smith Remix]
4.6 More Than This
4.7 World in My Eyes
4.8 Possession
4.9 Out of This World [Oakenfold Remix]
4.10 Maybe Someday [Hedges Remix]
4.11 Coming Up
4.12 Signal to Noise [Acoustic Version]
4.13 Signal to Noise
4.14 Just Say Yes [Curve Remix]
4.15 Forest [Plati/Slick Version] - the Cure, Earl Slick

The Cure: Join the Dots: B-Sides & Rarities

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