Weather Report: Original Album Classics

Weather Report: Original Album Classics
Title: Original Album Classics
Label: Columbia/Legacy Euro

2007 five CD set, a great installment in Sony/BMG's Original Album Classics series that brings together rare and out of print titles with some best sellers from the Sony/BMG Jazz catalog. Many of these albums have been unavailable on CD for some time and are sought after by collectors. Each set is presented in a high quality, rigid cardboard slipcase containing five 'vinyl replica' mini LP sleeves. This collection from the Jazz fusion greats features the albums I Sing the Body Electric, Sweetnighter, Mysterious Traveller, Black Market and Night Passage.

1.1 Unknown Soldiers
1.2 The Moors
1.3 Crystal
1.4 Second Sunday in August
1.5 Vertical Invader/ T. H./ Dr. Honoris Causa/ Vertical Invader/T.H./DR. Honoris Causa
1.6 Surucucu
1.7 Directions
2.1 Boogie Woogie Waltz
2.2 Manolete
2.3 Adios
2.4 125th Street Congress
2.5 Will
2.6 Non-Stop Home
3.1 Nubian Sundance
3.2 American Tango
3.3 Cucumber Slumber
3.4 Mysterious Traveler
3.5 Blackthorn Rose
3.6 Scarlet Woman
3.7 Jungle Book
4.1 Black Market
4.2 Cannon Ball
4.3 Gibraltar
4.4 Elegant People
4.5 Three Clowns
4.6 Barbary Coast
4.7 Herandu
5.1 Night Passage
5.2 Dream Clock
5.3 Port of Entry
5.4 Forlorn
5.5 Rockin' in Rhythm
5.6 Fast City
5.7 Three Views of a Secret
5.8 Madagascar

Weather Report: Original Album Classics

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