Why Bonnie: 90 In November

Why Bonnie: 90 In November
Title: 90 In November
Label: Keeled Scales
Product Type: CASSETTES

90 in November, the first full-length LP from Texas quintet Why Bonnie, crashes into existencewith a squeal of feedback and a burst of distorted guitar. It's a dynamic introduction to a moreraw-edged indie sound from a band who have matured from bedroom dream pop into asophisticated rock act, their evolving sound a reflection of the journey undertaken by songwriterBlair Howerton on this vividly rendered collection of songs.The songs for 90 in November were mostly written in Brooklyn, New York, where Howertonmoved from Austin in 2019. Already in the midst of a major life change, Howerton's feeling ofbeing between worlds was compounded when quarantine hit and she found herself, like somany others, stuck in her apartment-about as far away from the wide-open spaces of Texas asone can possibly get. It was in this environment that she began to write songs parsing out thecomplicated, mixed emotions associated with building a new home while attempting to makesense of the one she had left behind.

1.1 Sailor Mouth
1.2 Galveston
1.3 Nowhere, la
1.4 Hot Car
1.5 Silsbee
1.6 90 in November
1.7 Healthy
1.8 Sharp Turn
1.9 Lot's Wife
1.10 Superhero

Why Bonnie: 90 In November

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Release Date: 08/19/2022

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