The Cure: Disintegration: Remastered

The Cure: Disintegration: Remastered
Title: Disintegration: Remastered
Label: Ficti

Digitally re-mastered UK single disc pressing. The release of Disintegration in 1989 saw The Cure returning to the introspective and atmospheric sound of their earlier albums, after the mid '80s foray into poppier territory. This 21st Anniversary Edition has been digitally re-mastered by front man Robert Smith at the Sound masters, London. Features the original album and contains the singles 'Lullaby', 'Lovesong', 'Fascination Street' and 'Pictures of You'.

1.1 Plainsong
1.2 Pictures of You
1.3 Closedown
1.4 Love Song
1.5 Last Dance
1.6 Lullaby
1.7 Fascination Street
1.8 Prayers for Rain
1.9 The Same Deep Water As You
1.10 Disintegration
1.11 Homesick
1.12 Untitled

The Cure: Disintegration: Remastered

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