Jeffrey Robert Smith: From This Side of Heaven

Jeffrey Robert Smith: From This Side of Heaven
Title: From This Side of Heaven
Label: CD Baby

Jeffrey Robert Smith is an award-winning Christian songwriter and guitarist whose music is energetic, inspirational, and often humorous. In his songs, as in his music ministry performances, his message of faith is presented with thought-provoking stories; unique and enlightening concepts; and is enhanced by his signature style of lightning-fast guitar picking. This is Christian music that frequently thinks 'outside the box'. Jeffrey Robert Smith's music is of a melodically and lyrically refreshing brand that can teach us all many lessons, while at the same time, providing a uniquely original style of Christian entertainment. All written and performed by one man and his guitar, these 16 songs will please fans of such diverse musical styles as: folk; blues; pop; country; and jazz. Continuing the mission of his "First Things First" CD album, "From This Side of Heaven" offers even more words you can live by, and stories you can learn by.

1.1 From This Side of Heaven
1.2 You're a Good God
1.3 Back in the Promised Land
1.4 No Body's Business
1.5 The Omnipresence Song
1.6 I Can Feel God in This Place
1.7 The Little Church Upon the Hill
1.8 Not Enough God in Your Life
1.9 Final Words
1.10 Ride the Wave
1.11 Coincidence
1.12 Variety
1.13 It's About Time
1.14 As We Were
1.15 Working for the Lord
1.16 Words to Live By

Jeffrey Robert Smith: From This Side of Heaven

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