Sean Clive: Amazed

Sean Clive: Amazed
Title: Amazed
Label: CD Baby

'12 original songs that will inspire the heart and soul to praise the amazing wonder of God.' Sean Clive's 'Amazed' is an album / experience that will make people feel joyful and excited about God. With strong, sincere vocals ranging from upbeat pop songs to touching ballads, Amazed has enough variety to make you want to listen to the whole CD again and again. The title track of the album expresses Sean's 'amazement' at the wonders of God's creation. Selecting it as the album title demonstrates how Sean felt God's hand in the project from beginning to end. Sean shares, 'It had been on my heart for awhile to make an album of all original music. God directed me to David Smith of Icon Music Studio who, as I like to say, 'loved my songs into coolness.' Dave helped my music mature and, listening the final product, I am amazed myself and hope others will be too.' Some of Sean's music and lyrics spring from his experience as a liturgical musician. 'Remember Me's' upbeat tempo and lush harmonies celebrate the Eucharist as the source and summit of our lives. In 'Mary's Song' the acoustic guitar and heartfelt vocals celebrate Mary's acceptance of God's call in complete humility, trust and faith and that we can and should do the same. The Celtic influence of 'Glory to God' proclaims the magnificence of our Lord. Other songs are influenced by Sean's personal life. 'I Will Carry You' poignantly shares the story of Sean's father and brother who cared for his mother during the final months of her fight with cancer. As a dad and a husband, Sean wrote this song as if God the Father were singing it to one of his hurting, lost, lonely or dying little ones. Sean hopes Amazed will ' lift people's spirits and give them a chance to be thankful for the blessings of life and love, for the joy in this world, for the gifts God has poured out on us through Jesus, the church, our faith, and our families. I hope people have a joyful listening experience. After listening to the CD, I hope the say 'that was great. Thank you God,' -------- then hit replay.'

1.1 Amazed
1.2 Remember Me
1.3 I Will Carry You
1.4 Lifted Up
1.5 Between Here and There
1.6 Calvary
1.7 Doing Something
1.8 Mary's Song
1.9 With You
1.10 So I Ask
1.11 At the End of the Day
1.12 Glory to God

Sean Clive: Amazed

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