Dirty: The Hood Stories

Dirty: The Hood Stories
Title: The Hood Stories
Label: Rap-A-Lot

Dirty is set to reassert themselves as a major force in the rap game with their second Rap a Lot release HOOD STORIES. Includes the first single "Get Cha Hands Off Me."

1.1 Alabama
1.2 I'm a Gangsta
1.3 Moma I'm a Solider
1.4 Pray 4 Me
1.5 Rollie Pollie
1.6 Sometimes
1.7 Behind You Duke
1.8 Bring the Hood Back
1.9 Get Cha Hands Off Me
1.10 Silky Pimp Cutta
1.11 What It Is
1.12 Stoplien
1.13 Just a Lil Bit More
1.14 Let's Ride
1.15 Sunshine
1.16 Chopin Down the Block

Dirty: The Hood Stories

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