P.I.C: Nova Hustle

P.I.C: Nova Hustle
Title: Nova Hustle
Label: Riding Mower

Riding on the success of their nationally distributed sophomore effort, SEXY PICNIC, and their 2005 Japanese release, BROOKLYN INCIDENT, New York City's alternative Hip-Hop Funkateers, P.I.C, are back with a new album - EL NOVA HUSTLE. EL NOVA HUSTLE is armed with 11 new songs that expand upon P.I.C.'s all-inclusive original sound. As the title of their debut album HIPHOPUNKFUNKMAMBOSKA!!! might suggest, P.I.C has grown adept at genre mashing while churning out a sound all their own. EL NOVA HUSTLE continues in that style, displaying maturity in their musicianship and songwriting skills as they venture further into the worlds of Motown, Swing, Jazz and Soul. Not to say that P.I.C.'s quirky and humorous lyrical touch is lacking on El Nova Hustle. What's not to enjoy in the catchy, oddball ballads like AL NOVA (DO THAT) and CARMEL LOVE - an ode to a local cable television commercial for NYC's Carmel Car Service? Try not to snap or grin to the upbeat swing of CHIMP ATTACK, FONZARELLI (ARTHUR'S THEME), and HARD LOOK CASE. On OLD SOLE, P.I.C reminisces about the glory days while spitting metaphors about sneaker fetishists. Then there's Danny Elfman-cruising-in-a-low-rider anthem, LACTOSE... P.I.C has been a staple of the Lower East Side music scene for the last 10 years. Their wildly successful debut album HIPHOPUNKFUNKMAMBOSKA!!! (2000) was added to over 300 radio stations nationwide and reached #1 on CMJ charts from Canada to Hawaii. P.I.C.'s second album SEXY PICNIC (2003) was an even bigger CMJ hit, and was picked up for national distribution by Select-O-Hits Records. In 2002, P.I.C gleefully served as Wanda Syke's house band on Comedy Central's 'Premium Blend,' which adapted their original track, HIPHOPUNKFUNKMAMBOSKA, as the show's theme song. In 2005, P.I.C unleashed THE BROOKLYN INCIDENT into the Japanese market, distributed by Swamp/Polystar Records. GOT ME LIKE, the first single off EL NOVA HUSTLE won the Asian Cinevision / Michelob Light Music Video Award and was selected a Top 10 Videos of 2005 on CNET's download.com.

1.1 Alnova Do That
1.2 Fonzarelli
1.3 Hard Look Case
1.4 Chimp Attack
1.5 Keep Up
1.6 Carmel Love
1.7 Lactose
1.8 Old Sole
1.9 Get on Gawin'
1.10 Got Me Like
1.11 Jimbo's Open House

P.I.C: Nova Hustle

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