MGMT: Oracular Spectacular

Mgmt: Oracular Spectacular
Title: Oracular Spectacular
Label: Sony

This is the new MGMT ORACULAR SPECTACULAR album that is leading to the band being hailed as a hot new group. Fill with a lot of electronic fun and games; a lot of smart, wacky lyrics; a lot of what sounds like drum machines and other repetitive licks; and, admittedly, a lot of really impressive, if more than slightly nerdy, songwriting, performing, and producing this album is a must have for all listeners.

1.1 Time to Pretend
1.2 Weekend Wars
1.3 Youth
1.4 Electric Feel
1.5 Kids
1.6 4th Dimensional Transition
1.7 Pieces of What
1.8 Of Moons, Birds ; Monsters
1.9 Handshake
1.10 Future Reflections
1.11 Electric Feel [Interactive Video]
1.12 Tour Photo Album [Bonus Material] -
1.13 Photos from the Time to Pretend Video Shoot [Bonus Material]

MGMT: Oracular Spectacular

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