Supreme Dicks: The Unexamined Life

Supreme Dicks: The Unexamined Life
Title: The Unexamined Life
Label: Jagjaguwar
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jagjaguwar is proud to reintroduce the complete recordings of Supreme Dicks in the form of Breathing and Not Breathing, a four CD set that includes both of the band's studio albums, the Unexamined Life from 1993 and the Emotional Plague from 1996, along with 1994's Workingman's Dick, a collection of early archival recordings, and the 1996 EP This Is Not a Dick, which has been fleshed out with rare and unreleased tracks. Also available are 2 x LP editions of the Unexamined Life and the Emotional Plague, neither of which has been previously released on vinyl.

1.1 In a Sweet Song the Arabian Song the Sun's Bells
1.2 Jack Smith
1.3 That I May Never Forget and Stay Garden of Your Past Jack-O-Lantern
1.4 River Song
1.5 The Fallout Song
1.6 Azure Dome
1.7 The Forest Song (Or Especially When the October Wind with Frosty Fingers, P
1.8 Hyacinth Girls
1.9 Ten Past Eleven
1.10 Woody Would've Wanted It That Way
1.11 Strange Song
2.1 Synaesthesia
2.2 C Chulain (Blackbirds Loom)
2.3 Columnated Ruins/Seeing Distant Chimneys
2.4 Along a Bearded Glade
2.5 Swell Song
2.6 Showered
2.7 A Donkey's Burial in a Tower on a Mirage
2.8 Adoration de L'agneau Mystique
2.9 Porridge for the Calydonian Boar
2.10 Siberian Penal Colony (Ode to Joel Stanley)
2.11 Green Wings Fly Adventure (Showered Reprise)

Supreme Dicks: The Unexamined Life

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