Suuns: Zeroes QC

Suuns: Zeroes QC
Title: Zeroes QC
Label: Secretly Canadian
Product Type: VINYL LP

Montreal's Suuns possess a rare trait in rock music: restraint. They use it like an instrument, which makes their debut full-length Zeroes QC as unsettling as it is wonderfully exasperating. It's immediately apparent in album opener "Armed for Peace," a track that starts off like a robot breaking down in a hot desert; the song's mechanic beat plods like iron-shoed footsteps as the melody of a wheezing synth mirrors the crackling sound of old transistors and circuitry being cooked in the sun. It's deceptively lulling, the tension almost unnoticeably wrenching up and up until the track unexpected.

1.1 Armed for Peace
1.2 Gaze
1.3 Arena
1.4 Pie IX
1.5 Marauder
1.6 Sweet Nothing
1.7 Up Past the Nursery
1.8 PVC
1.9 Fear
1.10 Organ Blues

Suuns: Zeroes QC

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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