Chuck Berry: Rockin At The Hops

Chuck Berry: Rockin At The Hops
Title: Rockin At The Hops
Label: Wax Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Includes4 Bonus Tracks! Limited Edition In Transparent Green Colored Vinyl. 180 gram. New Collection Of Colored Classic LPs. Limited Edition. Direct Metal Mastering.

1.1 Bye Bye Johnny
1.2 Worried Life Blues
1.3 Down the Road Apiece
1.4 Confessin' the Blues
1.5 Too Pooped to Pop
1.6 Mad Lad
1.7 Our Little Rendezvous
1.8 Jaguar and Thunderbird
1.9 I Got to Find My Baby
1.10 Betty Jean
1.11 Childhood Sweetheart
1.12 Broken Arrow
1.13 Driftin' Blues
1.14 Let It Rock
1.15 County Line
1.16 Back in the U.S.A

Chuck Berry: Rockin At The Hops

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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