Dekker, Desmond: King Of Ska

Desmond Dekker: King Of Ska
Title: King Of Ska
Label: Secret Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

12 Monster tracks from The King of Ska including Israelites and 0. 0. 7 (Shanty Town). Pressed on red vinyl + extensive sleeve notes by Laurence Cane-Honeysett. All tracks recorded at ROLL OVER STUDIOS, London. January 2004.

1.1 Jamaica Ska
1.2 Wise Man
1.3 Intensified
1.4 Rudy Got Soul
1.5 The More You Live
1.6 Israelites
1.7 Pickney Gal
1.8 Pretty Africa
1.9 Problems
1.10 It Mek
1.11 Don't Blame Me
1.12 007 (Shanty Town

Dekker, Desmond: King Of Ska

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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