Llyod Price: Complete Singes As & Bs 1952-62

Llyod Price: Complete Singes As & Bs 1952-62
Title: Complete Singes As & Bs 1952-62
Label: Acrobat

Following in the wake of Fats Domino, Lloyd Price helped define the distinctive New Orleans R&B sound when he recorded his landmark 1952 No. 1 R&B hit "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" at his very first session for Specialty, with Domino on piano, and had a string of R&B Top 10 hits before being drafted in 1954. On his return, he had been usurped by Little Richard and Larry Williams, and eventually set up his own label KRC before signing to ABC-Paramount, re-inventing himself as a rock 'n' roll chart topper with his 1958 pop and R&B No. 1 "Stagger Lee", following it up with the pop/R&B crossover classics "Personality" and "I'm Gonna Get Married", and racking up a dozen more hits through into the early '60s. This great value 78-track 3-CD set comprises all his A & B sides for those labels from his debut through to 1962, naturally features all his big successes, including his other Top 5 hits "Oooh Oooh Oooh", "Restless Heart", "Ain't It A Shame", "Where Were You On Our Wedding Day", "Come Into My Heart", "Lady Luck" and "Question". It's a thorough and entertaining trawl across the first, and most successful, ten years of his caree

1.1 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
1.2 Mailman Blues
1.3 Oooh Oooh Oooh
1.4 Restless Heart
1.5 Ain't It a Shame
1.6 Tell Me Pretty Baby
1.7 What's the Matter Now
1.8 So Long
1.9 Where You At'
1.10 Baby Don't Turn Your Back on Me
1.11 I Wish Your Picture Was You
1.12 Frog Legs
1.13 Let Me Come Home Baby
1.14 Too Late for Tears
1.15 Walkin' the Track
1.16 Jimmie Lee
1.17 Chee Koo Baby
1.18 Oo Ee Baby
1.19 Lord, Lord Amen
1.20 Trying to Find Someone to Love
1.21 I Yi Yi Gomen a Sai
1.22 Woe Ho Ho
1.23 Rock'n'roll Dance
1.24 Country Boy Rock
1.25 Forgive Me, Clawdy
1.26 I'm Glad, Glad
1.27 Baby Please Come Home
1.28 Breaking My Heart
2.1 Lonely Chair
2.2 Chicken and the Bop
2.3 Hello Little Girl
2.4 Georgianna
2.5 How Many Times'
2.6 To Love and Be Loved
2.7 No Limit to Love
2.8 Such a Mess!
2.9 Gonna Let You Come Back Home
2.10 Down By the River
2.11 Just Because
2.12 Why
2.13 Stagger Lee
2.14 You Need Love
2.15 Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day)'
2.16 Is It Really Love
2.17 Personality
2.18 Have You Ever Had the Blues
2.19 I'm Gonna Get Married
2.20 Three Little Pigs
2.21 Come Into My Heart
2.22 Won't Cha Come Home
2.23 Lady Luck
2.24 Never Let Me Go
2.25 No If's - No And's
2.26 For Love
3.1 Question
3.2 If I Look a Little Blue
3.3 Just Call Me (And I'll Understand)
3.4 Who Coulda' Told You
3.5 (You Better) Know What You're Doin'
3.6 That's Why Tears Come and Go
3.7 Boo Hoo
3.8 I Made You Cry
3.9 One Hundred Percent
3.10 Say I'm the One
3.11 String of Pearls
3.12 Chantilly Lace
3.13 Mary and Man-O
3.14 I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'
3.15 Talk to Me
3.16 I Cover the Waterfront
3.17 Be a Leader
3.18 'Nother Fairy Tale
3.19 Twistin' the Blues
3.20 Pop Eye's Irresistable You
3.21 Counterfeit Friends
3.22 Your Picture
3.23 Under Your Spell Again
3.24 Happy Birthday Mama

Llyod Price: Complete Singes As & Bs 1952-62

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