Razel, Aaron: Water from the Rock

Aaron Razel: Water from the Rock
Title: Water from the Rock
Label: CD Baby

The second album from Aaron Razel was released in 1999 and was a great follow up to the breakout album The Burning Bush. It continued on the the biblical theme as well as some original lyrical content and some introspective spiritual ideas that would permeate as a theme throughout Aaron's career. Of course the music was totally different than anyone else in the Jewish music scene at the time and added a new funk flavor as well new odd time rhythms and classical influenced arrangements. Aaron even takes a crack at rapping in fast paced Hebrew in the song Haggigah.The album features hits like Mayim Rabim, Hagigah, Go out in the Field, To my Father and many more.

1.1 Water from the Rock
1.2 Hagigah
1.3 Go Out to the Field
1.4 It Isn't in Heaven
1.5 I Lift My Eyes
1.6 To My Father
1.7 I'm to My Love
1.8 Ki Rega B'apo
1.9 Dror Yikra
1.10 The Secret of God
1.11 My Heart Is Meek

Razel, Aaron: Water from the Rock

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