Accept: Stalingrad

Accept: Stalingrad
Title: Stalingrad
Artist: Accept
Label: Nuclear Blast Int'l
UPC: 727361284602
Genre: Heavy Metal

CD + DVD pressing. Accept's history dates back to the days when Heavy Metal was just in it's formative stages. Their first album came in 1979 but the fire has only burned brighter, as heard in the 2010 album, Blood of the Nations, which catapulted them back into the forefront of Heavy Metal. Inspired by their fans' awe-inspiring reaction to their explosive live shows as well as the grandiose success of that comeback album, the band bring US another collection of Heavy Metal classics. Stalingrad is every bit as voluminous as the band's legendary releases with new Metal anthems that carry on their tradition of excellence. This vibrant and mesmerizing album harnesses everything that earned Accept the status of true Heavy Metal legends: thunderous riffs, blinding guitar leads, aggressive vocals and infectious, undiluted metal songs with a bite that are destined to keep Accept ahead of the pack. There truly is no rest for the wicked as the Teutonic terror continue their worldwide domination with a North American tour with Kreator, leaving all non-believers in their metallic dust!

1.1 Hung Drawn and Quartered
1.2 Stalingrad
1.3 Hellfire
1.4 Flash to Bang Time
1.5 Shadow Soldiers
1.6 Revolution
1.7 Against the World
1.8 Twist of Fate
1.9 The Quick and the Dead
1.10 Never Forget
1.11 The Galley
2.1 Princess of the Dawn [Live in Bang Your Head 2011] [Live]
2.2 Pandemic [Live in Bang Your Head 2011] [Live]
2.3 No Shelter! [Live in Bang Your Head 2011] [Live]
2.4 Tentonic Terror [Live at Masters of Rock 2010] [Live]
2.5 The Abyss [Live at Masters of Rock 2010] [Live]
2.6 Tentonic Terror [Video Clip] [Multimedia Track]
2.7 Pandemic [Video Clip] [Multimedia Track]

Accept: Stalingrad


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