Stewart, Al: Images: His First Three Albums

Al Stewart: Images: His First Three Albums
Title: Images: His First Three Albums
Artist: Stewart, Al
Label: EMI Import
UPC: 5099907081521
Genre: Rock

UK two CD set containing the British singer/songwriter's first three albums. Includes: Bedsitter Images, his debut album, released in 1967; Love Chronicles, his second album, released in 1969 (musical support from legendary musicians including Jimmy Page, Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol and Richard Thompson); and Zero She Flies, his third album released in 1970. EMI.

1.1 Bedsitter Images
1.2 Swiss Cottage Manoeuvres
1.3 The Carmichaels
1.4 Scandinavian Girl
1.5 Pretty Golden Hair
1.6 Denise at 16
1.7 Samual Oh How You've Changed
1.8 Cleave to Me
1.9 A Long Way Down from Stephanie
1.10 Ivich
1.11 Beleeka Doodle Day
1.12 Lover Man
1.13 Clifton in the Rain
1.14 Go Your Way
1.15 My Contemporaries
1.16 In Brooklyn
1.17 Old Compton Street Blues
1.18 Ballad of Mary Foster
1.19 Life and Life Only
2.1 You Should Have Listened to Al
2.2 Love Chronicles
2.3 Jackdaw
2.4 She Follows Her Own Rules
2.5 Fantasy
2.6 My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
2.7 Small Fruit Song
2.8 Gethsemane, Again
2.9 Burbling
2.10 Electric Los Angeles Sunset
2.11 Manuscript
2.12 Black Hill
2.13 Anna
2.14 Room of Roots
2.15 Zero She Flies
2.16 Lyke Wake Dirge

Stewart, Al: Images: His First Three Albums


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