Pianelli, Alessio: A Sicilian Traveller

Alessio Pianelli: A Sicilian Traveller
Title: A Sicilian Traveller
Artist: Pianelli, Alessio
Label: Rubicon
UPC: 5065002149503
Genre: Classical Artists

Alessio Pianelli's debut album is a beautifully curated, affectionate, and eclectic musical tribute to his native land, the island of Sicily. "For A Sicilian Traveller, I investigated the richness of Sicily's culture through the music of other composers who have explored - some more explicitly than others - that central aspect in the tradition of art music. Sicilian culture is like a mosaic in which each tile represents one of the many civilisations that have traversed the island over the centuries. Each tile maintains it's original identity while contributing to a collective design that is greater than the sum of it's parts. It is for this reason I have chosen to travel with my cello through music from such a wide variety of cultures."

1.1 7 Miniatures on Georgian Folk Themes
1.2 I. Lale
1.3 II. Gandagan
1.4 III. Song
1.5 IV. Suliko
1.6 V. Shepherd’s Dance
1.7 VI. Tsintsakaro
1.8 VII. Rural Dance
1.9 Armenian Folk Songs and Dances
1.10 I. Hoy Nazan
1.11 II. Krunk
1.12 III. Al Aylukhs
1.13 IV. Erangi
1.14 V. Habrban
1.15 24 Negro Melodies, Op.59
1.16 No. 20. Pilgrim Song
1.17 No. 10. Deep River
1.18 Romanian Folk Dances, Sz. 68
1.19 I. Jocul cu bta (Stick Dance)
1.20 II. Brul (Sash Dance)
1.21 III. Pe loc (In One Spot)
1.22 IV. Buciumeana (Dance from Bucsum)
1.23 V. Poarga Romeasca (Romanian Polka)
1.24 VI. Maruntel (Fast Dance)
1.25 VII. Maruntel (Fast Dance)
1.26 36 Greek Dances, AK 11
1.27 Serie III: II. Ipirotikos
1.28 Serie I: II. Kritikos 1
1.29 Serie I: V. Kleftikos 2
1.30 Variations on a Sicilian Folk Theme

Pianelli, Alessio: A Sicilian Traveller


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