Ancient Settlers: Our Last Eclipse (digipak)

Ancient Settlers: Our Last Eclipse (digipak)
Title: Our Last Eclipse (digipak)
Label: Golden Robot

"Our Last Eclipse" is the debut album of the multinational, Spain-based Ancient Settlers. Ancient Settlers was founded in 2020 by Carlos Chiesa-Estomba & Herman Riera (formerly Haboryn), Rene González (formerly Aesthesis), Emmy Reyes (Blackbeer, formerly Gamalyel) and Antony Hämäläinen (Meridian Dawn, formerly Nightrage & Armageddon), all with more than fifteen years of experience in European and American metal circus. The band began their journey with the intention of exploring the boundaries of modern melodic death metal, including catchy guitar riffs, the use of synths and keyboards, and a variety of different sounds and rhythms. From fast-paced, powerful melodic death metal to the synthwave of the 80s to catchy post-metal riffs, all connected by a nostalgic Gothenburg influence. Lyrically, "Our Last Eclipse" is an invitation to go on a journey alongside the old settlers, to face the chances of discovering a new unknown ground.

1.1 Into the Depths I Ride
1.2 Cast in Gold
1.3 Our Last Eclipse
1.4 Cerements
1.5 Jotnar Magick
1.6 Library of Tears
1.7 Silent December
1.8 Memories
1.9 The Black Rainbow
1.10 Peregrination

Ancient Settlers: Our Last Eclipse (digipak)

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