Anderson, Laurie / Frith, Fred: All Is Always Now

Anderson, Laurie / Frith, Fred: All Is Always Now
Title: All Is Always Now
Label: Intakt Records

Between 2006 and 2016, Fred Frith played 80 concerts at New York's unique space for experimental music, The Stone. A selection of his encounters with such powerful and creative personalities as Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros, Sylvie Courvoisier, Evan Parker, Nate Wooley has been combined in this 3-album set comprising 23 fascinating tracks. It is a decade-long adventure in improvisation. The musician Theresa Wong writes: "I was struck by the musicality. What I mean by that is: there's this presence of songs and song forms - the music can be harmonic and melodic, there's noise, there's rhythm, a joyfulness, an exploration, a sensuality of sounds, but always underlining that is a musicality that feels to me like songs."

1.1 Another Ship Moves in
1.2 Identity Crisis
1.3 A Complicated Path
1.4 Strife and Soil
1.5 Limited Strike
1.6 Silver Lining
1.7 Slipping
1.8 World of Grief and Doubt
2.1 Concussion Suit
2.2 From the Backstretch
2.3 Shrug at Truth
2.4 Reasons to Dream
2.5 What Gets Left Behind
2.6 Like Animals
2.7 A Measure of Solace
3.1 Deter and Degrade
3.2 Of Finest Silver
3.3 Veils
3.4 Held Again
3.5 Flare
3.6 Hero of the Space Age
3.7 Devoted to a Failed Approach
3.8 Evidence

Anderson, Laurie / Frith, Fred: All Is Always Now

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