Bach, J.S. / Stigliani: Wohltemperierte Klavier

Bach, J.S. / Stigliani: Wohltemperierte Klavier
Title: Wohltemperierte Klavier
Artist: Bach, J.S. / Stigliani
Label: Calliope (Nax615)
UPC: 3760039833280
Genre: Classical Artists

This first book of The Well Tempered Clavier summarizes everything that Johann Sebastian Bach was: a man who loved life in all it's forms. Jubilation, tenderness, love, passions, hopes, regrets... every human emotion is inscribed in his music. Without doubt his Christian faith and his profound respect for the Creator formed a framework not to be ignored. But this aspect of his personality does sometimes give him a reputation of austerity, which the love in his acts and his writing strongly deny. Even his Passions, heavily marked by the sufferings imposed by the cross, allow us a glimpse of the sky, to reassure us that at the end there will be the Resurrection. Chantal Stigliani is a passionate artist, tirelessly committed to the diverse artistic combats that she undertakes. Founder of Philomuses, the association whose motto is to be "at the service of art under all it's forms, " she organizes concerts, exhibitions, and theater and poetry evenings to put the talented people she meets from all over the world center stage.


Bach, J.S. / Stigliani: Wohltemperierte Klavier


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