Black Hollies: Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere

Black Hollies: Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere
Title: Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere
Artist: Black Hollies
Label: Ernest Jenning
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 600064790017
Genre: Alternative Rock

Vinyl LP pressing plus 7' single and digital download. 2013 album from the New Jersey-based Psychedelic band Led by Justin Angelo Morey and his long-time collaborators Herbert Wiley and Jon Gonelli (all three of whom are also members of the recently reunited Rye Coalition) as well as drummer Nick Ferrante (White Hills), the band's latest album is the product of nearly three years of writing and recording. Initially conceived in 2010, the record was repeatedly scrapped and restarted while Morey demoed a huge amount of music in both Jersey City and Nashville. The end result is the most timeless record of the band's career with influences as divergent as Spacemen 3, Can, the 13th Floor Elevators, and the Stone Roses weaving in and out of noise drenched pop songs and extensive hallucinatory suites that never fully obscure the catchy core that exists Somewhere Between Here And Nowhere.

1.1 No Illusion
1.2 Unless It's My Imagination
1.3 Benevolent Beacon
1.4 Daydreams
1.5 Somewhere Between Here and Now
1.6 When It's Time to Come Down
1.7 Forwards and Backwards
1.8 Here Comes the Rain
1.9 Where Do We Go from Here
1.10 Wake Me When It's Over
1.11 Lunatic Influeza: Part I: Yesterday's Sorrows
1.12 Part II: Take Me As I Am
1.13 Part III: Path Into the Sun

Black Hollies: Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere

Product-type:VINYL LP

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