Mould, Bob: Bob Mould / Last Dog & Pony

Bob Mould: Bob Mould / Last Dog & Pony
Title: Bob Mould / Last Dog & Pony
Label: Edsel Records

Deluxe expanded three CD set containing the former Husker Du/Sugar frontman's 1996 and 1998 albums plus a previously unreleased live album. The 32 page booklet contains rare photos, memorabilia, and an exclusive new interview with Bob Mould. Walking away from the commercial success of his band Sugar, Bob Mould reinvented his approach to music-making again in 1996 with his self-titled third solo album, often referred to as Hubcap due to it's simple but striking sleeve imagery. Writing and playing everything himself, the recording frames emotive and hook-laden songs with a playful arrangement of drum machines, overdriven guitars and bubbling keyboards. A noise-pop gem that has long been regarded by fans as a firm favorite. It is combined here with the follow-up album from two years later, the last release of Bob's short but productive partnership with the seminal Creation Record Label. A valedictory farewell to the guitar based rock that he would subsequently take a long sabbatical from (and later return to further down the line), the Last Dog And Pony Show once again highlights his expert song craft and highly original sonic vision. Edsel.

1.1 Anymore Time Between
1.2 I Hate Alternative Rock
1.3 Fort Knox, King Solomon
1.4 Next Time That You Leave
1.5 Egoverride
1.6 Thumbtack
1.7 Hair Stew
1.8 Deep Karma Canyon
1.9 Art Crisis
1.10 Roll Over and Die
1.11 Wanted Was
1.12 Eternally Fried
1.13 Doubleface
1.14 Fort Knox, King Solomon (Live)
1.15 I Hate Alternative Rock (Live)
2.1 New #1
2.2 Moving Trucks
2.3 Taking Everything
2.4 First Drag of the Day
2.5 Classifieds
2.6 Who Was Around?
2.7 Skintrade
2.8 Vaporub
2.9 Sweet Serene
2.10 Megamanic
2.11 Reflecting Pool
2.12 Along the Way
2.13 Bob Mould Interviewed By Jack Rabid
3.1 Moving Trucks
3.2 Taking Everything
3.3 First Drag of the Day
3.4 I Hate Alternative Rock
3.5 Stand Guard
3.6 Classifieds
3.7 Hear Me Calling
3.8 Art Crisis
3.9 Anymore Time Between
3.10 Skintrade
3.11 Eternally Fried
3.12 Roll Over and Die
3.13 Lonely Afternoon
3.14 Egoverride
3.15 Reflecting Pool
3.16 Disappointed
3.17 Hanging Tree
3.18 Man on the Moon

Mould, Bob: Bob Mould / Last Dog & Pony

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