Bobby Susser Singers: We Are Better Together

Bobby Susser Singers: We Are Better Together
Title: We Are Better Together
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

About The Artist: PARENTS' CHOICE AWARD WINNER! Bobby Susser, M.A. Communication Arts and Sciences and Early Childhood Education, Columbia University, has written, produced, and performed original, easy-to-learn, award winning children's songs since 1971, as well as internationally acclaimed popular songs for all ages. He has been awarded the the, 'Early Childhood News Directors' Choice Award', (6) times, Dr. Toy's/The Institute for Childhood Resources' 'Best Children's Vacation Products Award, ' (2) times, '100 Best Children's Products Award, ' (8) times) '10 Best Audio-Video Products Award, ' (7) times, 'Best Classic Products Award, ' (2) times, '10 Best Socially Responsible Products, ' (3) times, received six (6) 'Parents' Choice Awards', for his ongoing series 'Bobby Susser Songs For Children', and the '2013 Distinguished Alumni Award', from Teachers College, Columbia University. He has also wrote, recorded, and contributed an official theme song to the world renowned St. Jude Children's Hospital. Bobby Susser records and works with several types of singers and musicians depending upon the song, style, and subject matter. Mr. Susser believes the performance as well as the song must be believable, honest, and sincere. These important qualities are the running threads throughout his original songs and activities. Listen to his songs and you'll discover a serious and careful effort to help kindle imagination, empathy, understanding, compassion, and socialization in our children, (in a most entertaining way) which are key elements in the development of self. Bobby Susser is believable, honest, and sincere. As the years go by, Bobby's songs and recordings continue to grow in popularity and importance for his old and new fans (Parents, teachers, librarians, children, and others who have experienced the value of his songs). In addition, pop, rhythm n' blues, country, hip hop, and jazz artists also continue to show interest in Bobby's songs as they record them, and recognize his capability of appealing to all age groups, in many genres through his songs. Five million parents, teachers, and children can't be wrong! (In February, 2009, Bobby Susser's children series surpassed 5 million CD sales). On February 8, 2013, it was announced, that Bobby Susser will be a recipient of the prestigious, Teachers College, Columbia University, 'Distinguished Alumni Award', for his work as a renowned, American songwriter, joining notables, and previous recipients, of Columbia's Distinguished and Service awards, global economist, Jeffrey Sachs, and congresswoman, Shirley Chisolm. The ceremony took place on April 13, 2013, at Columbia University, where Bobby Susser's name was permanently engraved, on the wall, in the main hall of the University.

1.1 I Am Not So Different (When You Get to Know Me)
1.2 It's Nice to Be Nice
1.3 Dear Mr. President
1.4 Once We Help Each Other
1.5 We Are Better Together
1.6 We Could Understand
1.7 Oh What a Sight
1.8 When We're All Standing Together
1.9 We Ought to Be Each Other's Friend (Why Shouldn't We Be)
1.10 Trading Places

Bobby Susser Singers: We Are Better Together

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