Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails

Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails
Title: Rotten Cocktails
Label: City Centre Offices
Product Type: VINYL LP

'Rotten Cocktails' is Hans Moller (Balderdash) and Michael Zorn's second album after 2003's smasher 'Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle'. This release is all about power, the punch of a hefty bass drum and the type of energy thought to be impossible in what we call electronica which is what makes this album a melange that will never let you down: let's drink to that! City Centre Offices. 2005.

1.1 Magic Toys for Boys and Girls
1.2 Invaders of Vanity Club Land
1.3 We Accept All Out Parents' Credit Cards
1.4 Sweet Honeybee of Infinity
1.5 Bass ; Booze
1.6 Live in Vanilla
1.7 Super Scorer
1.8 Asthmatic Detroit Car
1.9 Bonjour Frisur

Boy Robot: Rotten Cocktails

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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