Brahms / Sandberg: Stolen Moments

Brahms / Sandberg: Stolen Moments
Title: Stolen Moments
Label: Danacord Records

Rikke Sandberg is recognized as one of the most prominent pianists in Danish musical culture and, since her debut recital in 2002, has been an elite part of the Danish music scene. She is constantly present and totally absorbed in the music and her competence and talent are without bounds- she is as comfortable playing music composed several hundred years ago as she is playing music written yesterday. When she is not sitting at the piano she works on her own Nordic Chamber Music Festival where she is the artistic leader. Or she is nurturing the next generation in her role as teacher at the Royal Danish Music Academy, as a frequent member of the jury and jury chairman of the Steinway Music Festival. She is often the orchestral pianist for concerts with The Danish National Symphony Orchestra and the Malmo Symphony Orchestra. Rikke Sandberg has been awarded many prizes. These include the Jacob Gade Prize, the Victor Schioler and Sonning Prize and the Society of Danish Music Critics Award.


Brahms / Sandberg: Stolen Moments

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