Brainstorm: Adaybeforetomorrow

Brainstorm: Adaybeforetomorrow
Title: Adaybeforetomorrow
Label: EMI

'There is this beautiful thing that great bands have something... Identity and I think Brainstorm has that," Anton Corbijn "There is kind of innocence to Brainstorm's sound, something that is unique to their culture or what I imagine is unique to their culture and that made them special to me," Alex Silva. The experience of being citizen of Latvia who has been raised up in former Soviet Union and being witnesses of so called "iron curtain" and Latvia' s return into Europe has made unique musical influence and background for the members of the band that reflects and goes through the music Brainstorm makes. Singer Reynard reveals: "The truly first influences of Brainstorm I can name Russian cartoons and Latvian popscene in 80-s. Talking about cartoons - I still love those songs and listen to them time after time, they have some kind of unique happiness and sadness at the same time that is hard to describe and that's how I also see most of Stormer's songs. And only when we were some 14 - 15 we started to learn what happens on the other side of the moon." The beginning of Brainstorm is dated with year 1989 even thought the seeds was found already when singer Reynard and drummer Nick danced and sang together around Christmas tree at kindergarten and later on all members of the band sang the same lines at the choir of the school they all attended in their native city Jelgava, Latvia. Through the years knowing each other and making music together already fourteen years (they were 15 years old when formed the band) the chemistry between guys has created the atmosphere of the real family: "Good old family thing, in this case just five fathers together. It's so hard sometimes to find just one way out of five" Brainstorm for several years is the biggest band of the native Latvia, latest 3 records they made and "Best Of" has reached Platinum status on sales, every radio single goes straight to #1 on airplays, they gather several prizes each time nominated for Latvian Music Awards, they play as big crowds as tiny Latvia can gather and closing concert of their latest Latvian tour on 1st of September, 2003 gathered 25 000 big audience and beat the record of Skonto Stadium. But sooner or later it is time to go into international music scene and Brainstorm can be called ice-breakers in this field by being if not first that for sure one of the first band' s from Eastern Europe to enter Western music market. Their breakthrough was on 2000 with hit single "My Star" and followed by album "Among The Suns" (with releases in 18 countries, UK, Germany and Scandinavia including), album "Online" released in year 2001 stormed over Eastern Europe (Gold in Poland) and Scandinavia with ethereally dreamy and catchy melody "Maybe". Over 3 years band has toured Europe on their own tours as well as supporting Rolling Stones in Prague, The Cranberries in Germany, Italy, Belgium and Czech republic, Depeche Mode in Baltic States and Supergrass in Denmark. But we are here and now and today - on a day before tomorrow - Brainstorm comes with album named "A Day Before Tomorrow" - the slideshow of life in 12 chapters called songs that shows band' s piece of mind and heart, the way they think and feel about this world. Here and now: "The title of the album includes the philosophy we believe in - we don't say simply - today, because - of course you have to live in the moment you are, but also have to remember there is day after it and by remembering that you care about future, have your dreams and visions, but still - you don' t let the beauty of the moment simply to slip away, because you value it and don' t live only in the illusion about unknown future." For making of their 6th studio album "A Day Before Tomorrow" that is 3rd album for international release Brainstorm teamed with 2 producers - Echo award winner Alex Silva (his credits include successful work on Herbert Grönemeyer' s album "Mensch", Suede, e.t.c.) and Steve Lyon (worked with Depeche Mode, paradise Lost, Reamonn, e.t.c.). Art-directon, logo and pictures for the album sleeve and press were made by famous rock-photographer Anton Corbijn. As to latest success in December 2003 Brainstorm got the awards for "the best pop video"("A Day Before Tomorrow") and "the best band" on Latvian Independent Television Music Awards. On annual Latvian Music Awards which took place in Riga in January 2004, Brainstorm got prizes at the categories they were nominated - best pop song - "A Day Before Tomorrow" (Latvian version), best rock song - "Colder", most played song on the radios - "Colder", best rock album - "A Day Before Tomorrow", best video - "Colder" (directed by Manuel Werner). Brainstorm feels blessed for being able to work with people they did for the latest record: "We've always believed in miracles, and that's how it goes and sometimes things just happen if you believe. Who could imagine 2 years ago we will make photos with Anton Corbijn or do records with Alex Silva? But still it's not about the names, souls are on the same wave feeling friendly and having good time together. Life is about believing in miracles.. and celebrating life, of course! Anton Corbijn after working with Brainstorm says: "I can't tell you how much I felt at home with them and felt we were all together trying to achieve something.." Producer Alex Silva also experience warm welcome into Brainstorm' s world: "There is this uncomplicated thing about the band. They read books, play chess... They are very cookie bunch, they embrace people, invite into their circle that is very nice and warm. But cockie is one word to describe them all!" The faith, friendship and passion to their piece of Art is what keeps Brainstorm together. Challenges, contradictions, stereotypes and difficulties for those guys can even be called as blessing - as they want to break them, get over them and prove it is possible to make what they have in mind. As Brainstorm love to say: "What doesn't break us just makes us stronger". "...we were divided in regions and religions we were counted in nations, populations but we can can break through if we want to oh, love we have keys to the higher ground..." ("Daddy Is Talking To Me", from Brainstorm' s album "A Day Before Tomorrow.")

1.1 Tonight We'll Dance
1.2 Passion
1.3 Colder
1.4 Reality Show
1.5 My Daddy Is Talking to Me
1.6 Day Before Tomorrow
1.7 For a Better Life
1.8 Cinema
1.9 Animals Like Me
1.10 Fairytales
1.11 Gala Komma
1.12 Spacemuminsh

Brainstorm: Adaybeforetomorrow

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