Ghiglia, Bray: Mystery

Bray Ghiglia: Mystery
Title: Mystery
Label: CD Baby

Bray was born in New Jersey, grew up in Los Angeles, as a kid he sang and played guitar in a church choir. At 16 he started classical flute lessons applying all he learned to the guitar and the piano. After high school he started a band and working seven nights a week for several years while studying Film scoring at UCLA. In the late 80s he started a band, with Randy Meisner of the Eagles and Rick Roberts of Firefall, playing Flute, Sax, Guitar and Keyboards. The Roberts/Meisner band toured the US for three years performing several of Bray's. After living in Colorado for seven years, where he started teaching music, he moved back Los Angeles to continue studies in Film scoring and psychology. He is currently teaching, doing gigs, producing records and film scores.

1.1 Shine
1.2 Easter in New Orleans
1.3 Mystery
1.4 Seven Wolds
1.5 Roll
1.6 Soulsounding
1.7 Bazel
1.8 Eurphraties Groove

Ghiglia, Bray: Mystery

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