Camouflage: Relocation

Camouflage: Relocation
Title: Relocation
Artist: Camouflage
Label: Synthetic Symphony
UPC: 693723639529
Genre: Pop

2006 album from this German synth band, their seventh full length album in their 20 year career. The album mixes a positive attitude with the melancholia that is so typical of this band. The inspiration for titles such as 'Dreaming' and 'Motif Sky' stem from the early '90s, then underwent a complete overhaul and feature whole new instrumentation. An optimistic love song such as 'The Pleasure Remains' sits comfortably next to the stirring 'Passing By,' which Marcus refers to as a "space drama with a happy end." All in all, despite it's diversity, Relocated has the trademarks of a typical Camouflage album which the fans will enjoy. Inside Out.

1.1 Memory
1.2 We Are Lovers
1.3 Motif Sky
1.4 Real Thing
1.5 Passing By
1.6 Confusion
1.7 The Perfect Key
1.8 Stream
1.9 Dreaming
1.10 The Pleasure Remains
1.11 Bitter Taste
1.12 Something Wrong
1.13 Light
1.14 How Do You Feel?

Camouflage: Relocation


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