Stone, Carl: Wat Dong Moon Lek

Carl Stone: Wat Dong Moon Lek
Title: Wat Dong Moon Lek
Label: Unseen Worlds

Carl Stone continues his late career prolific renaissance with a new album of sculpted, tuneful MAX/MSP fantasias. Stone "plays" his source material the way Terry Riley's In C "plays" an ensemble - with a loose, freewheeling charm connected to the ancient human impulse to make sound, melody, and rhythm from anything. Stone's unique technique simultaneously focuses and sprays sound like a symphony of uncapped fire hydrants. Is this techno, avant-garde, sound art? It's simply (or rather fantastically messily) Carl Stone.

1.1 Rikido
1.2 Longo
1.3 Korzo
1.4 Mozell's
1.5 Wat Dong Moon Lek
1.6 Apsara Jangara

Stone, Carl: Wat Dong Moon Lek

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