Walker, Charlie: I'll Catch You When You Fall: Complete Singles As & Bs, 1957-1962 & More

Charlie Walker: I&
Title: I'll Catch You When You Fall: Complete Singles As & Bs, 1957-1962 & More
Label: Jasmine Records

At a time when Country music first started gravitating towards the smoothness of 'The Nashville Sound' in the mid 1950s, there were a handful of important artists who stayed true to the fiddles and steel guitars that gave country it's identity in the first place. DJ-turned singer Charlie Walker was one such artist. The string of uncompromisingly hard-core honky tonk hits he enjoyed from the mid 50s to the early 60s were made to be played at dance halls, where their shuffle beat was warmly welcomed time after time. In this first ever UK compilation of Charlie's breakthrough tunes you can hear them all. Among the tracks are the original versions of many song that have passed into country music legend, including 'I'll Catch You When You Fall', 'Who Will Buy The Wine' and Charlie's breakthrough hit 'Pick Me Up On Your Way Down' - songs that have been recorded time and again, without ever beating the versions you'll hear here. This truly IS classic country music that will never get old and never get tired, brought to you in an audio quality that demonstrates exactly why this is so. You don't have to be in a Texas honky tonk to enjoy these tunes. Close your eyes and listen - Charlie Walker will take you right to the heart of a hardwood floor.

1.1 Two Empty Arms
1.2 Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
1.3 I'll Catch You When You Fall
1.4 I Don't Mind Saying
1.5 When My Conscience Hurts the Most
1.6 Bow Down Your Head and Cry
1.7 Who Will Buy the Wine
1.8 I Go Anywhere
1.9 Take Back Your Old Love Letters
1.10 Facing the Wall
1.11 I Walked Out of Heaven (When I Walked Out on You)
1.12 A Way to Free Myself
1.13 Right Back at Your Door
1.14 Good Deal, Lucille
1.15 Louisiana Belle
1.16 Life Goes on (I Wonder Why)
1.17 I Only Meant to Borrow (Not to Steal)
1.18 You Don't Need No Other Daddy But Me
1.19 Tell Her Lies and Feed Her Candy
1.20 Hurry Back Home
1.21 Only You, Only You
1.22 You Can't Get There from Here
1.23 Stepping Stones
1.24 Cheaters Never Win
1.25 I'm Not Mixed Up Anymore
1.26 Dancing Mexican Boy
1.27 I'll Never Let It Show - Charlie Walker with the Four Pals
1.28 Take My Hand (I'll Understand) - Charlie Walker with the Four Pals

Walker, Charlie: I'll Catch You When You Fall: Complete Singles As & Bs, 1957-1962 & More

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