Corrosive: Death As A Progress

Corrosive: Death As A Progress
Title: Death As A Progress
Label: MDD

Uncompromising Death Metal Steamhammer! With "Death As A Process", Corrosive present their fifth longplayer. While other bands are slowly shifting down a gear after more than 25 years in the business, Corrosive are obviously stepping it up a notch with every album. They also don't shy away from taking from time to time the off-road route and crossing unknown terrain. Of course, their sound in 2022 is still a solid old school tub, who helps herself to the American and scandinavian pots with a large ladle. But instead of treading water, the band is also opening up to darker and more extreme styles, which makes the new album more varied without upsetting old fans. Corrosive simply know where the bodies are buried and are not afraid to dig them out. Recorded in the Beckerstudios in Marburg and mixed and mastered by Andrè Skopko, "Death As A Process" offers a full 45 minutes of everything fans of the genre will appreciate. From dragging grooves to unrestrained orgies of beatings, the album offers everything a death metal infected heart desires.

1.1 Death As A Progress
1.2 Preserved Behind Glass
1.3 Human Puzzle
1.4 Welcome To Your Autopsy
1.5 When Body And Mind Are Seperated
1.6 Romance For Barbeque
1.7 Necroloveicon
1.8 Deathbedvisions
1.9 When She Smells Like Warm Butter
1.10 Your Pain Is My Gain
1.11 Demon

Corrosive: Death As A Progress

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