Counterparts: Tragedy Will Find Us

Counterparts: Tragedy Will Find Us
Title: Tragedy Will Find Us
Label: Pure Noise

Counterparts is Hamilton Ontario's brightest young star in hardcore. The band's latest effort 'Tragedy Will Find Us' was produced by Will Putney (For Today, Body Count) and is equally aggressive and melodic blending shredy riffs with brutal angsty screams. Counterparts will be supporting Everytime I Die in a mix of major and secondary US markets this summer and will back for a second run of the US late in 2015 with the Acacia Strain making sure every beanie wearing hardcore kid in North America has a chance to stage dive.

1.1 Stillborn
1.2 Thread
1.3 Resonate
1.4 Stranger
1.5 Burn
1.6 Tragedy
1.7 Withdrawal
1.8 Choke
1.9 Collapse
1.10 Drown
1.11 Solace

Counterparts: Tragedy Will Find Us

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