Watson, Dale: Live At The Big T Roadhouse -chicken Shit & Bingo

Dale Watson: Live At The Big T Roadhouse -chicken Shit & Bingo
Title: Live At The Big T Roadhouse -chicken Shit & Bingo
Label: Red House
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Considered Austin, Texas' official musical spokesman, Dale Watson has built a worldwide legion of fans one gig at a time, from US honkytonks to Tokyo performance halls and all points in between. Backed by his immensely talented band, His Lonestars, Dale's original songs include country classics, heartfelt ballads, dancehall two-steppers, and Tex-Mex canciones; a Dale Watson show is a high-energy mix of music framed by Dale's hilarious between-song banter. While in Texas, they've been the band behind the little-known and uniquely entertaining spectacle known as Chicken S#!+ Bingo, where a caged hen struts across a plywood board divided into numbered squares, while betting customers anxiously gather 'round, hoping the bird will drop it's mark on their chosen numeral. Live At The Big T Roadhouse is the perfect snapshot of Dale and his band live in concert at the peak of their performing prowess, all while hosting a Chicken S#!+ Bingo show at Watson's own bar in St. Hedwig, Texas. It includes his hysterical emcee banter plus Dale's improvised "commercials" for Lone Star Beer (he won't drink anything else, probably because it "whitens teeth" and is "the only beer proven to grow brain cells") set within a hot live performance of his "Ameripolitan music."

1.1 Big T's
1.2 Sit and Drink and Cry
1.3 Where Do You Want It
1.4 Everybody's Somebody in St. Hedwig, Texas
1.5 Honky Tonkers Don't Cry
1.6 Lubbock Boy
1.7 I Don't Rock No Cradle
1.8 Tienes Cabeza de Palo
1.9 I Lie When I Drink
1.10 Birmingham Break Down

Watson, Dale: Live At The Big T Roadhouse -chicken Shit & Bingo

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