Milner, Dan: Civil War Navy Songs

Dan Milner: Civil War Navy Songs
Title: Civil War Navy Songs
Artist: Milner, Dan
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
UPC: 093074018927
Genre: Folk, Irish

You may think the Civil War was a purely land-locked conflict; 1 waged & raged relentlessly across battlefields anchored on US soil. That's until now... W/ Dan Milner leading the charge, Civil War Navy Songs commemorates the 150th Anniversary of Civil War's start- Apr 121861, when Confederate Forces fired on Charleston SC harbor's Ft Sumter- & delving head-long into pivotal roles Confed. & Union naval forces played during the War. All songs were hand-picked from Union, Confed. & UK sources & perfected throughout w/ verve & tenacity by Dan & cadre of acclaimed singers/musicians.

1.1 The Flight of the Hatteras and Alabama
1.2 The Jamestown
1.3 Farragut's Ball
1.4 The Florida's Cruise
1.5 The Old Virginia Lowlands, Low
1.6 The Blockade Runner
1.7 The Bold Privateer
1.8 A Yankee Man-Of-War
1.9 The Sailor's Grave
1.10 The Brooklyn, Sloop of War
1.11 The Alabama
1.12 The Fate of the Pirate Alabama
1.13 The Monitor ; Merrimac

Milner, Dan: Civil War Navy Songs


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