Hall & Oates: Original Album Classics

Daryl Hall & John Oates: Original Album Classics
Title: Original Album Classics
Artist: Hall & Oates
Label: Sony Legacy
UPC: 888837194525
Genre: Rock, Box Sets

Excellent five CD set containing five original albums in mini LP sleeves (featuring original cover art) and all are housed together in one slipcase.

1.1 Camellia
1.2 Sara Smile
1.3 Alone Too Long
1.4 Out of Me, Out of You
1.5 Nothing at All
1.6 Gino (The Manager)
1.7 You Know It Doesn't Matter Anymore
1.8 Ennui on the Mountain
1.9 Grounds for Separation
1.10 Soldering
1.11 What's Important to Me
1.12 Ice
2.1 Back Together Again
2.2 Rich Girl
2.3 Crazy Eyes
2.4 Do What You Want, Be What You Are
2.5 Kerry
2.6 London, Luck ; Love
2.7 Room to Breathe
2.8 You'll Never Learn
2.9 Falling
3.1 Don't Change
3.2 Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?
3.3 You Must Be Good for Something
3.4 The Emptyness
3.5 Love Hurts (Love Heals)
3.6 Bigger Than Both of Us
3.7 Bad Habits and Infections
3.8 Winged Bull
3.9 The Girl Who Used to Be
4.1 Private Eyes
4.2 Looking for a Good Sign
4.3 I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
4.4 Mano a Mano
4.5 Did It in a Minute
4.6 Head Above Water
4.7 Tell Me What You Want
4.8 Friday Let Me Down
4.9 Unguarded Minute
4.10 Your Imagination
4.11 Some Men
4.12 Your Imagination [Disco Remix]
4.13 I Can't Go for That (No Can Do) [Extended Club Mix]
5.1 Maneater
5.2 Crime Pays
5.3 Art of Heartbreak
5.4 One on One
5.5 Open All Night
5.6 Family Man
5.7 Italian Girls
5.8 Guessing Games
5.9 Delayed Reaction
5.10 At Tension
5.11 Go Solo
5.12 Family Man [Rock Mix]
5.13 Maneater [Extended Club Mix]
5.14 One on One [12" Version] [Version]

Hall & Oates: Original Album Classics


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