Aju, Dave: Black Frames Remixed

Dave Aju: Black Frames Remixed
Title: Black Frames Remixed
Label: Circus Company
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Circus Company presents three reinterpretations of the rugged, noirish soul of Dave Aju's Black Frames (CC 015 CD/CCS 090 LP). Henrik Schwarz's remix of "Psylica" is nothing short of astounding, underpinning the sizzling chemistry of Aju's and Qzen's vocals with a playful bassline throb and plucked-string elegance. Freaksnuthreadsspeakeasy (Justin Harris and Luke Solomon) gives "Nu Threads" the necessary kink with a playful low-end and some tuba-like blasts, whipping up an upbeat party-starter. The B-side features a thirteen-minute epic by the rapidly-rising Rush Hour mainstay Awanto3, who presents machine-driven rework of "Vins Noirs" that builds fervently toward total rave-fuelled abandon.

1.1 Nu Threads
1.2 Clean St
1.3 Nobody Knows
1.4 Vins Noirs
2.1 Psylica
2.2 Law
2.3 Bee's Birth
2.4 When We Drift

Aju, Dave: Black Frames Remixed

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE
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