Essex, David: Silver Dream Racer (Original Soundtrack)

David Essex: Silver Dream Racer (Original Soundtrack)
Title: Silver Dream Racer (Original Soundtrack)
Artist: Essex, David
Label: Gonzo
UPC: 5056083207787
Genre: Rock

This cult movie from 1980 features David Essex who played Nick Freeman - the star of the Silver Dream Racer alongside the American actor Beau Bridges. David doubles up on this movie by providing the Original Sound Track as well as acting in the movie. David entered the charts with the title track "Silver Dream Racer" in April 1980 and made it to No. 4. Doubling up wasn't new to David as he had also had at least one of his tunes appearing in his previous movies (That'll Be The Day, Stardust). As an actor and a composer, Essex does not disappoint, turning in a number of tracks that complement their intended scenes quite nicely and delivering a believably snarky lead performance that grows on you before ultimately breaking your heart.

1.1 The Dunes
1.2 Silver Dream Machine
1.3 Looking for Someone
1.4 The Bike (Part 1)
1.5 Where Is Love?
1.6 When I’m Dancing
1.7 Suzuki Warlord
1.8 Sea of Love
1.9 The Bike
1.10 I Think I Will Always Love You
1.11 The Race
1.12 Silver Dream Machine
1.13 Bonus Tracks: Silver Dream Machine (Part 1)
1.14 Silver Dream Machine (Part 2)

Essex, David: Silver Dream Racer (Original Soundtrack)


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