Whitfield, David: Hits and More

David Whiitfiield: Hits and More
Title: Hits and More
Artist: Whitfield, David
Label: Jasmine Music
UPC: 604988058529
Genre: Easy Listening

2010 two CD collection from the British vocalist. American vocalists initially domineered the British Record Chart in the early '50s, this was until around 1953 when suddenly the United Kingdom was in vogue! One of the most successful British vocalists of that time was the man in question, David Whitfield. With 20 hit records by 1960, 19 of which are on disc one of this set, including: 'Rags to Riches', 'The Bridge of Sighs', the first release of the single version of 'Mama' and his two #1's 'Cara Mia' and 'Answer Me'. The second disc of this set features many of David Whitfield's B sides and tracks new to CD. It's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since we lost David Whitfield yet his popularity has been maintained over all those years and we feel sure that with this collection it will continue to do so. Jasmine.

1.1 I Believe
1.2 The Bridge of Sighs
1.3 Answer Me (Lord Version)
1.4 Rags to Riches
1.5 The Book
1.6 Cara Mia
1.7 Smile
1.8 Santo Natale
1.9 Beyond the Stars
1.10 Open Your Heart
1.11 Mama
1.12 Evrywhere
1.13 Ill Never Stop Loving You
1.14 Lady of Madrid
1.15 When You Lose the One You Love Best
1.16 My September Love
1.17 My Son John
1.18 My Unfinished Symphony
1.19 The Adoration Waltz
1.20 Ill Find You
1.21 Cry My Heart
1.22 On the Street Where You Live
1.23 The Right to Love
1.24 That's When Your Heartaches Begin
1.25 It's Almost Tomorrow
1.26 Ill Never Forget You
1.27 Marta
1.28 I'm the King of Broken Hearts
1.29 Dance Gypsy Dance
1.30 Mardi Gras
1.31 Heartless
1.32 It's Never Too Late to Pray
1.33 Laugh
1.34 The Lady
1.35 Angelus
1.36 The Rudder and the Rock
1.37 If I Lost You
1.38 I'd Give You the World
1.39 Without Him
1.40 Evrything
1.41 My One True Love
1.42 Willingly
1.43 When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver
1.44 Silver Hair and Heart of Gold
1.45 That Old Fashioned Mother of Mine
1.46 I'm in the Mood for Love
1.47 Trust in Me
1.48 When I Grow Too Old to Dream
1.49 William Tell
1.50 I Believe
1.51 Alone
1.52 Can I Forget You
1.53 Devotion

Whitfield, David: Hits and More


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