Dead Witches: Final Exorcism

Dead Witches: Final Exorcism
Title: Final Exorcism
Artist: Dead Witches
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 703556051228
Genre: Rock

LP version. With The Final Exorcism, Dead Witches roar back from the studio on two wheels, Chuckalumba, where the fabled sessions for Dopethrone (2000) and Let Us Prey (2002) by Electric Wizard were recorded, as well as Dead Witches' debut Ouija (HPS 048CD/LP/LTD-LP, 2017). Sessions began on the full moon, 25th August in the heart of the New Forest deep in Dorset, the hallowed home of '90s doom legends Electric Wizard folklore, marking Mark 's fourth time in both bands at Chuckalumba. John Stephens, operating the living museum of antique analog and valve-driven studio gear and tape machines captured a world of demons and possessions. A banshee wail of woeful siren song weaving a sinister world of horror doom, through waves of burgeoning fuzz and hell-sent thunder on the drum kit. Realizing the magnitude of what they had committed to tape, Dead Witches began to seek Doug Shearer, wizard of mastering and the final member in the coven, his previous also including Dopethrone and Let Us Prey.


Dead Witches: Final Exorcism

Product-type:VINYL LP

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