Werner, Dee: Make Me a Lighthouse

Dee Werner: Make Me a Lighthouse
Title: Make Me a Lighthouse
Label: CD Baby

Dee Werner has integrated life long experiences to bring you a truly inspirational and uplifting message. Pain always seems to bring us to our knees in brokeness. But the most important thing we can do is learn from our sorrow and continue to look up for healing to the awesome One who created us. 'Through the Pain' and 'Press On' give us hope and the courage to continue through tough times. 'It's the Blood' tells us who we are in Christ. 'Run Manda' and 'Restless One' tells us where to go for healing. 'In the Stillness' and 'Lord My Soul Exalts You' are songs of worship; and 'Make Me a Lighthouse' is a prayer.

1.1 Restless One
1.2 Through the Pain
1.3 It's the Blood
1.4 Make Me a Lighthouse
1.5 Torn Away (For Curtis)
1.6 Stand Together
1.7 Press on
1.8 Run Manda Run
1.9 In the Stillness
1.10 Lord, My Soul Exalts You

Werner, Dee: Make Me a Lighthouse

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