Defiant III: Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols

Defiant III: Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols
Title: Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols
Label: Creative Juices

2018 release. Over the last decade, Alucard Jise and IDE have been in the studio working on their own music as well as collaborating together. It was only a matter of time that features spawned into the idea to do a group project. Having worked on a track for Jises' Chronicles 2 titled Defiant III, the trio decided the name was a perfect fit. After some initial recordings, the group decided they would keep the project entirely in house; from recording, to mixing, mastering and artwork. Tracks were not sent over email. This is a album that all members were in the studio together feeding off each other's energy. Along the way, the group crossed paths with Warryn Syde, the mysterious crate digger, who began supplying some super rare breaks and grooves to create the albums production. All tracks produced by IDE (producer of UG - Portals), plus a special musical feature from Kelly Finnigan of Monophonics. This is the album fans of Force Fed, Watch Them Fall, and As The World Burns have always been waiting for. Now it's complete and set for release.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Tab or Two
1.3 It's About to Go Down
1.4 Third Cavalry
1.5 Back Up in This
1.6 Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
1.7 Mad World
1.8 BK Confidential
1.9 Crossfire
1.10 The Legend of the Three Eyed Monk
1.11 Beautiful
1.12 Prison Planet Interlude
1.13 Broken Avenues
1.14 Underdogs
1.15 Ego Death
1.16 The Last Barfighter
1.17 Purge Season
1.18 Tripolar
1.19 Defiant Outro Ft. Kelly Finnigan

Defiant III: Abstract Bullets For Poetic Pistols

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