Watson, Doc: Vanguard Years (box Set)

Doc Watson: Vanguard Years (box Set)
Title: Vanguard Years (box Set)
Label: Vanguard Records

Shortly after Doc was discovered in the early '60's, he went to record for what was then the leading label in '60's folk, Vanguard Records, and there he stayed until 1971, recording the fantastic, flatpicked array of traditional tunes that comprise this retrospective. Among the 64 tracks are 17 unreleased performances recorded live at the 1971 Winfield, Kansas flatpicking championships, plus classic material like Corrina Corrina; the Cuckoo; Black Mountain Rag, and more, all annotated inside a booklet boasting rare photos. A 4-CD guitar and banjo lesson!

1.1 Rambling Hobo
1.2 Train That Carried My Girl from Town
1.3 The Coo Coo
1.4 Reuben's Train
1.5 Hicks' Farewell
1.6 Grandfather's Clock
1.7 Beaumont Rag
1.8 Farewell Blues
1.9 Footprints in the Snow
1.10 Intoxicated Rat
1.11 Talk About Suffering
1.12 Omie Wise
1.13 Country Blues
1.14 Black Mountain Rag
1.15 Doc's Guitar
1.16 Deep River Blues
2.1 Muskrat
2.2 Dream of the Miner's Child
2.3 Rising Sun Blues
2.4 Otto Wood the Bandit
2.5 Little Sadie
2.6 Windy and Warm
2.7 Tennessee Stud
2.8 Blue Railroad Train
2.9 Down in the Valley to Pray
2.10 Dill Pickle Rag
2.11 The F.F.V
2.12 Childhood Play
2.13 Streamline Cannonball
2.14 Old Camp Meeting Time
2.15 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
2.16 The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band
3.1 New River Train
3.2 Rank Stranger
3.3 Corrina Corrina
3.4 What Does the Deep Sea Say
3.5 There's More Pretty Girls Than One
3.6 Way Downtown
3.7 Brown's Ferry Blues
3.8 Spike Driver Blues
3.9 Roll on Buddy
3.10 I Am a Pilgrim
3.11 Wabash Cannonball
3.12 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
3.13 The Lawson Family Murder
3.14 The Cuckoo
3.15 Alabama Bound
4.1 Bye Bye Bluebells
4.2 Kinfolks in Carolina
4.3 San Antonio Rose
4.4 Blow Your Whistle Freight Train
4.5 Cannonball Rag
4.6 I Am a Pilgrim
4.7 Arrangement Blues
4.8 I Got a Pig at Home in the Pen
4.9 My Rough and Rowdy Ways
4.10 Deep River Blues
4.11 Banks of the Ohio
4.12 A-Roving on a Winter's Night
4.13 Southbound
4.14 Memphis Blues
4.15 Salt Creek/Bill Cheatham
4.16 Brown's Ferry Blues
4.17 Windy and Warm

Watson, Doc: Vanguard Years (box Set)

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