Baker, Emily: A Dark Murmuration of Words

Emily Baker: A Dark Murmuration of Words
Title: A Dark Murmuration of Words
Artist: Baker, Emily
Label: Everyone Sang
UPC: 5065001118616
Genre: Folk

2020 release. On A Dark Murmuration of Words, Emily Barker examines our unconscious choices and unspoken prejudices, and essays the search for meaning in an increasingly loud, social media-driven world. The American writer Emily Dickinson once said that "If you take care of the small things, the big things take care of themselves" - like the starlings in a murmuration, where the movement of each individual bird is related to just seven of it's closest neighbors, none of them aware of the mesmerizing, fluctuating shapes being created by the flock.

1.1 Return Me
1.2 Geography
1.3 The Woman Who Planted Trees
1.4 Where Have the Sparrows Gone?
1.5 Strange Weather
1.6 Machine
1.7 When Stars Cannot Be Found
1.8 Ordinary
1.9 Any More Goodbyes
1.10 Sonogram

Baker, Emily: A Dark Murmuration of Words


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