Enforced: Kill Grid

Title: Kill Grid
Artist: Enforced
Label: Uk Century Media Rec
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 194398464213
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Virginia-based crossover maniacs Enforced open their Century Media tenure with the blistering new album, Kill Grid. Informed by a diverse cross-section of extremes - from thrash/punk to death metal/hardcore - the emergent five-piece outfit have dropped a nine-song cluster-bomb of thrashing death on apathetic times. Self-described as 'Pure Crossover Death', the Richmonders quickly established themselves as new metal hopefuls with the release of their two demos (both 2017) and debut full-length At the Walls (2019). Tours with Sacred Reich, Integrity, and All Out War sealed Enforced's reputation as a devastating live act. For Kill Grid, the group brought in Bob Quirk (Memory Loss) to engineer and Arthur Rizk (Power Trip) to mix/master. The result: an energetic, aggressive sound. Moored by thought-provoking lyrics, songs like "The Doctrine," "UXO," "Curtain Fire," and "Trespasser" are designed for head-bangers and circle-pit lunatics alike.


Enforced: Kill Grid

Product-type:VINYL LP

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