Expire: With Regret

Expire: With Regret
Title: With Regret
Label: Bridge Nine Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the Milwaukee, Wisconson-based hardcore punk band. A little heavier and just as fierce as ever, Expire's third full-length cruises across sub-two-minute juggernauts purging the band's feelings on damaged relationships and introspective exorcisms. Expire recorded at unfamiliar territory for them and the new environment takes them out of their comfort zone and results in subtle new twists to their sound, which bounces with a caustic, fraught anxiety, more memorable riffs, and focused vocals that retain all their previous bile and despair.

1.1 Fighting the Slip
1.2 Divide and Conquer
1.3 Hidden Love
1.4 Regret
1.5 Medicine
1.6 Vultures
1.7 Live or Die
1.8 Fair Weather Friend
1.9 Turned to Dust
1.10 Ghost
1.11 The Harsh Truth
1.12 Beyond My Reach
1.13 Fear in Control

Expire: With Regret

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