Foreign Air: Hello Sunshine

Foreign Air: Hello Sunshine
Title: Hello Sunshine
Artist: Foreign Air
Label: Nettwerk
UPC: 067003137126
Genre: Rock

In early 2022 Foreign Air decided to trying something new and put together a string of Foreign Air Supper Club concerts, partnering with a chef in each city for a curated meal to accompany a stripped down set. Inspired by the intimacy of those shows, the band decided to showcase a more stripped back sound on new track "Hello Sunshine," leaning "into the organic delicacy of the instrumental side of our musical universe." "Hello Sunshine" is a calling out to the invisible necessities in life. The past few years disappeared in the blink of an eye and it's evident a lot of us didn't get enough sunlight; feeling like unwatered plants. The line, "Hello Sunshine I'll be there because you're the only thing real around here," refers to the need for human connection and new experiences to help pull us through the depression that we feel sometimes.

1.1 Hello Sunshine
1.2 Your Touch
1.3 Anything's Possible
1.4 Why Don't You Feel The Way I Do
1.5 Moving On
1.6 The Madness
1.7 One More Night

Foreign Air: Hello Sunshine


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