Gadfly: 500 Yards to Freedom

Gadfly: 500 Yards to Freedom
Title: 500 Yards to Freedom
Label: CD Baby

GADFLY's sound, texture and complexity is derived from the musical influence of collective backgrounds--Blues, Rock, and Metal--and from the free flowing musical passions of those who make up the band. The meshing of styles, with a hint of playful competition, produces a consuming sound that transgresses musical standards. Steve Williams -- Lead Guitar and Vocals Part master of wit, part street-poet, Steve Williams, the founder of Gadfly and lead guitarist grew up in St Paul, MN. Williams is a soulful troubadour blessed with charismatic vitality and struck with a passion for music. Growing up with his father, a musician, Williams absorbed and embraced his love for music and the desire to be in the business. After doing some recording his father reluctantly left the unpredictable, fast paced world of music and returned to work outside of music to provide stability for his family. At the age of 14, Williams left home for the first time to tour with a school band . That trip led to hook up with a successful band that was touring at the time. He helped out behind stage, and did other small jobs for little to no money. The band taught him the tricks of the trade and gave him experiences that would pique his thirst for performing. Williams' father taught him not only the evils of ignoring your dreams and avoiding your passions, but also the harsh reality of circumstance. This lesson, and the struggles that surrounded Williams, continue to influence his music and lyrics. Taras, Bass and Vocals GADFLY was started in 1994 with Steve Williams on lead vocals and guitar, Jeff Damm on drums and Pete Nichols on bass. Pete, left the band in 1997 for personal reasons. He was replaced by bassist 'Taras', a master of the six string, is described as a true 'rock-n-roller,' with the talent, image and stage presence that exudes rock. GADFLY was complete. 'Taras,' a focused Capricorn born to Canadian parents grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. He began his musical path very young, playing drums and his trumpet. His first take at the bass was when he was 16. He heard of a neighborhood garage band looking for a bassist. His mother getting wind of his interest bought him a used bass at a garage sale. His style of playing influenced by all styles of music including, jazz, blues, funk and metal just to name a few. 'Taras' played in a variety of bands, but his most successful time was spent with Acheron, a local metal band from 1991-1996. The lead singer of Acheron was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Physical and emotional obstacles put an abrupt end to the band. 'Taras' took a sabbatical from playing. During this time, he began absorbing himself in his writings and found the words and music he wrote bore a new perspective. After meeting Steve and playing with GADFLY, he knew he had found a connection. Joe Churchich, Drums and Vocals. Joe's interest in the band began during the Summer of '99 while during a hiatus from the drums, he auditioned for GADFLY on guitar. Although his skills on guitar were nowhere near his abilities on the drums, he did play two shows with the band. In addition, Joe performed a cameo on drums with Steve and Taras at a Minneapolis nightclub in the Fall of '99 and the stage was set for his eventual admittance into the group. Joe's musical career began at a young age when he started playing the piano at the age of four. He began writing music immediately. Joe discovered the drums shortly thereafter and never looked back. To further hone his musical skills, Joe went on to study percussion and music education at the University of Minnesota. Joe's musical adventures have taken him all over the world, including tours of Europe and Costa Rica. Joe and Taras have been playing together on and off for most of their musical lives. Joe was a member of other prominent Twin Cities bands including Psychohead and Sad Acid Scene. His musical influences include Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Classical, and Alternative. Joe's playing brings an unsurpassed energy and excitement to the music while introducing his musical experiences through complicated rhythms and presence. Joe has also been active as a Recording Engineer and Producer working at OarFin Records, Angel Beach Records, and is the current owner of Squeaky Clean Audio.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Relationship Suicide
1.3 Take
1.4 To You I Climb
1.5 Can't Be with You
1.6 Someday
1.7 500 Yards to Freedom
1.8 This Girl
1.9 I Know
1.10 Ever Wonder
1.11 The Real Me
1.12 Never Go Away
1.13 Feel It Again
1.14 Bring It Back

Gadfly: 500 Yards to Freedom

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