Geordie: Albums: Deluxe 5CD Boxset

Geordie: Albums: Deluxe 5CD Boxset
Title: Albums: Deluxe 5CD Boxset
Label: Cherry Red

Five CD round up of pretty much everything recorded by early 70's glam hard rockers Geordie. Includes their four official studio albums - Hope You Like It, Don't Be Fooled By The Name, Save The World and the rare No Good Woman - plus a fifth disc of re-recordings by vocalist Brian Johnson. The 20 page booklet comes complete with a detailed history of the band plus loads of pictures of all relevant record releases including many overseas issues to get the collectors updating their want lists! You can't talk about Geordie without mentioning vocalist Brian Johnson who went onto fame as the frontman of AC/DC whom he joined in 1980 and debuted on the mega-selling Back In Black album.

1.1 Keep on Rockin'
1.2 Give You Till Monday
1.3 Hope You Like It
1.4 Don't Do That
1.5 All Because of You
1.6 Old Time Rocker
1.7 Oh Lord
1.8 Natural Born Loser
1.9 Strange Man
1.10 Ain't It Just Like a Woman
1.11 Geordie's Lost His Liggie
1.12 Francis Was a Rocker
1.13 Can You Do It
1.14 Red Eyed Lady
1.15 Electric Lady
1.16 Geordie Stomp
1.17 Black Cat Woman
2.1 Goin' Down
2.2 House of the Rising Sun
2.3 So What
2.4 Mercenary Man
2.5 Ten Feet Tall
2.6 Got to Know
2.7 Little Boy
2.8 Look at Me
3.1 Mamas Gonna Take You Home
3.2 She's a Teaser
3.3 Goodbye Love
3.4 I Cried Today
3.5 You Do This to Me
3.6 Save the World
3.7 Rocking Horse
3.8 Fire Queen
3.9 She's a Lady
3.10 Light in My Window
3.11 Ride on Baby
3.12 We're All Right Now
3.13 I Can't Forget You Now
3.14 I Can't Give It Up
3.15 Rockin' with the Boys Tonight
3.16 Treat Her Like a Lady
4.1 No Good Woman
4.2 Going to the City
4.3 Wonder Song
4.4 Rock N Roll Fever
4.5 Ain't It a Shame
4.6 Give It All You Got
4.7 Show Business
4.8 You've Got It
4.9 Sweet Little Rock N Roller
4.10 Victoria
4.11 Dollars Deutsche Marks Silver ; Gold
4.12 I Remember
4.13 Don't Do That (Re-Mix)
4.14 Keep on Rockin' (Re-Mix)
5.1 Ten Feet Tall
5.2 Can You Do It
5.3 Keep on Rockin'
5.4 Fire Queen
5.5 Hope You Like It
5.6 Goin' Down
5.7 Strange Man
5.8 Natural Born Loser
5.9 Give You Till Monday
5.10 Ain't It Just Like a Woman
5.11 Black Cat Woman

Geordie: Albums: Deluxe 5CD Boxset

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