Girl: Sheer Greed / Live In Osaka 82

Girl: Sheer Greed / Live In Osaka 82
Title: Sheer Greed / Live In Osaka 82
Label: Hne

UK two CD set. British hard rock outfit Girl formed in 1979, and featured singer Phil Lewis, guitarists Gerry Laffy and Phil Collen, eventually joined by Gerry's brother Simon on bass. They rocked hard enough to capitalize on the burgeoning New Wave Of British Heavy that was sweeping across the UK, a scene led by Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard. Signing to Jet Records, home of ELO, Girl released debut LP Sheer Greed at the beginning on 1980, breaking into the Top 40. With a sound that added a raw-edge, almost punk like thrash to their hard rock, their solid debut demonstrated all of the energy of one of their raucous live club shows. As a further bonus, Girl's concert at the Exposition Hall, Osaka, Japan in May 1982 on their final tour is included on Disc Two. Featuring 'My Number', 'Heartbreak America' and 'Hollywood Tease' from their debut, plus a cover of ZZ Top's 'Tush', the concert concludes before a rapturous and appreciate Japanese audience with 'This Town'.

1.1 Hollywood Tease
1.2 The Things You Say
1.3 Lovely Lorraine
1.4 Strawberries
1.5 Little Miss Ann
1.6 Doctor Doctor
1.7 Do You Love Me
1.8 Take Me Dancing
1.9 What’s Up
1.10 Passing Clouds
1.11 My Number
1.12 Heartbreak America
1.13 You Really Got Me
1.14 Love Is A Game
1.15 Little Miss Ann
2.1 Wasted Youth
2.2 Make It Medical
2.3 My Number
2.4 Heartbreak America
2.5 Little Miss Ann
2.6 Ice In The Blood
2.7 Family At War
2.8 Mad For It
2.9 Tush
2.10 Old Dogs
2.11 Strawberries
2.12 Standard Romance
2.13 Passing Clouds
2.14 19
2.15 Overnight Angels
2.16 Hollywood Tease
2.17 This Town

Girl: Sheer Greed / Live In Osaka 82

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